March 9, 2020

Mississippi House Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Ban Discriminatory Abortions Based on Sex, Race, or Fetal Anomaly

On March 3, the Mississippi House Judiciary B Committee approved the Life Equality Act of 2020. The bill, titled House Bill 1295, would ban abortions based on sex, race, or fetal anomalies. The bill will move on to debate in the full House.

“It is the intent of the Mississippi Legislature … to prohibit the practice of nontherapeutic or elective abortion for the purpose of terminating the life of an unborn human being because of that human being’s race, sex, or the presence or presumed presence of a genetic abnormality,” the bill reads.

“The inherent right against discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or genetic abnormality is protected in federal and state laws,” the bill also notes, stating, “Notwithstanding these protections, unborn human beings are often discriminated against and deprived of life.”

Physicians who perform abortions that fall under these conditions could be charged with a felony, have their medical license suspended or revoked, and face up to 10 years in prison. According to CNA, there is an exception for medical emergencies; which seems strange since the medical emergency would be the abortionist's reasoning for performing the abortion and not the discriminatory reasons listed in the bill.

Regardless, emergency deliveries via c-section or induced labor are often more effective than abortion during medical emergencies. Because both methods of removing a child from a mother's womb are faster than abortion, the mother can be treated for her medical issue more quickly. The child may die afterward, but they can still be given a chance at life and a doctor is not intentionally killing them.

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