March 9, 2020

Connecticut Considers Plan to Give $2 Million to Planned Parenthood

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont
In his proposed budget, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont would give Planned Parenthood of Southern New England $2.1 million in state funding. The goal of this increased funding would be to replace Title X funding that Planned Parenthood opted out from after the Trump administration made new rules for Title X recipients to follow. Under the rules, recipients can no longer perform, recommend or refer patients to abortions. They also cannot co-locate with organizations that do perform abortions.

The Connecticut funding increase was debated at a March 5 public hearing held by the Human Services Committee. There, Blawie, who has worked at a Title X funded clinic in New Haven, Connecticut, was one of the citizens who spoke against the funding increase:
“...If more money is truly needed, Planned Parenthood could comply with Title X or else leverage the brand recognition and extensive fundraising network at its fingertips. Strong financial resources that are the envy of most non-profits. This is deep-pocketed political advocacy masquerading as health care. The state of CT faces billion-dollar deficits for the next several years. There’s an old saying that a budget is the skeleton of government, stripped of all ideology and rhetoric. What exactly are we spending money on? With our state drowning in red ink and so many crucial needs still unmet this proposal would constitute a flagrant misuse of scarce resources.”
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