February 13, 2020

Oklahoma Court Rules State can Ban Telemed Abortions and Require that Only Physicians Commit Abortions

Credit: mattza / Flickr
An Oklahoma judge ruled last week that the state could ban telemed abortions (at-home abortions using drugs ordered over the internet) and require that abortions only be done by qualified physicians.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter argued the case with Trust Women Abortion Facility before Oklahoma District Court Judge Natalie Mai, who ruled in favor of existing restrictions.

The Attorney General was grateful for Judge Mai's decision, saying, “This is an extreme lawsuit, seeking to overthrow commonsense safety laws that have been on the books for half a century combined. We appreciate Judge Mai’s thoughtful review and decision, which stays faithful to the U.S. Supreme Court’s repeated assertion that there is ‘no doubt’ that these types of laws are reasonable and constitutional ‘to ensure the safety of the abortion procedure.’”

The Attorney General went on, “Abortion advocates used to say that abortion should be between a woman and her doctor, but now they are attempting to take the doctor out of the room, and out of the picture altogether,”  Hunter continued. “We look forward to our continued defense of these laws and others that have been enacted to protect Oklahoma women’s health and safety, as well as the dignity of the unborn.”

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