February 5, 2020

New Kentucky Governor Approves Abortion Clinic License Previously Denied for Breaking Law

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear
The recently elected governor of Kentucky is making room for a new abortion provider in the state. Specifically, one that was unable to obtain a license from the previous administration because it failed to comply with regulatory laws.

Democratic Governor Andy Beshear approved a provisional license for Louisville Planned Parenthood on January 24th. It will go into effect in March, making them the second abortion provider in the state. Previous Governor Matt Bevin’s administration refused a license to Planned Parenthood twice during its time in power. The first of these times was because Planned Parenthood failed to create a hospital transport agreement with an ambulance service, and the second time because the organization was committing abortions with a license of any sort.

The Kentucky government's lax position on abortion under the new administration will not only cause a rise in abortion there, but it may also harm pregnant women by exposing them to lower-quality care.

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