January 2, 2020

South Korean Pastor's Baby Box Ministry Receives $64,000 Donation

Pastor Jong-rak Lee of Jurasang Community Church in South Korea received a $64,000 donation to support his baby box ministry courtesy of media company Asian Boss, who put a spotlight on his ministry with a video last summer.

Mothers or families can choose to leave a baby in their baby box so the ministry can find homes for them. Without this ministry, many of these children might otherwise be aborted. This lifesaving ministry saves 220-250 babies annually according to Pastor Lee.

With his ministry, Pastor Lee finds homes for babies that mothers feel they can't otherwise support. Sometimes they are conceived out of rape or incest. Sometimes their mothers are just very young. Other times they simply don't feel as though they have the financial resources they need. In many of the latter cases, however, the church steps in to help provide resources for families. Parents are encouraged to raise their children themselves with the help of materials provided by the church if possible. Counseling is provided and encouraged for all parents who leave children at the baby box.

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