September 25, 2019

Canadian Man Commits Assisted Suicide Because he Can't Find Care

Sean Tagert
Sean Tagert was diagnosed with ALS, otherwise known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease" in 2015. It is a terminal condition which reduces one's control of their muscles over time, including the ones that allow them to breathe. Sean was determined to live for as long as he possibly could in order to enjoy the time with his six-year-old son but recently chose physician-assisted suicide under Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying law.

He fought ALS for five years and became a symbol during that time, but eventually, he needed full-time care. He was completely paralyzed and required a ventilator to breathe, but he could only find 24-hour care that wouldn't separate him from his son. As a result, he chose to die. Tagert's death has outraged many and has sparked claims that his inability to find suitable care was directly linked to its cost. Click here for more.