December 13, 2019

Pennsylvania Hospital Refused to Care for Woman's Premature Twins and Let them Die

Credit: Katelyn McCauley and Ryan Erickson
Katelyn McCauley gave birth to twins in a Pennsylvania hospital in mid-August, but any hope at life was denied to them by doctors. McCauley recently wrote the horrific story of her experience giving birth to her now-deceased twins in an article published by Live Action News.

Her water broke one night with no warning whatsoever, and her husband rushed her to the nearest hospital. When she arrived, the doctors confirmed she was in labor and had her transferred to another hospital with the ability to care for her children's needs. Sadly, this care was not given to them. Instead, after each of her children were born, the doctor immediately left the room and offered no assistance whatsoever. After the first child was born, she pleaded with the doctor not to deliver the second because she didn't want to watch another one of her children die, but the doctor told her that she could develop an infection if the second baby wasn't delivered. The doctor prepared to induce labor.
"She said it could take three to six hours to deliver him once they administered Pitocin, so my fiancé ran home to grab clothes for both of us and let our dogs out. Not even 10 minutes later, I felt pressure and knew something happened. My second baby came out before they even started the induction.
I’ve tried to become a more spiritual person after all of these horrible events, and thought this was my baby saying he didn’t want me to be in pain anymore. Gregory was born at 5:47 p.m. — breathing — and he was just as perfect as Knox. He looked more like Ryan than me and was beautiful and perfectly formed. 
The doctor again immediately left the room and didn’t assist him at all."
McCauley sent an email to the hospital system and filed a Civil Rights complaint about the illegal and unethical treatment of children they were clearly equipped to assist.
"I am not God so I don’t know if Knox and Greg would be here today if given a chance. However, I know they should have been given that chance. I hope I can bring even more awareness and push for changes so no one else has to go through such a horrible loss. No one should have to bury their children."
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