December 13, 2019

Doctors Told her to Abort Every Week for 14 Weeks. She Refused and Now has a Healthy Daughter.

A UK woman named Kiera Meldrum who was interviewed for an article in The Scotsman said that she was told 14 times to abort her daughter due to her medical condition. She refused every time and now has a healthy girl.

Lillee Rose (the daughter) had fluid buildup in her stomach that eventually resulted in her bowels being split in half. Meldrum experienced pain and bloating as her pregnancy progressed. With these symptoms, she also dealt with increased pressure from doctors to abort her daughter.

She was told to visit doctors for an ultrasound every week after her daughter's condition was discovered. It was at these visits that she was repeatedly advised to abort. Meldrum says she heard this at every one of her 14 ultrasound appointments.

When Lillee was born 6 weeks early, doctors immediately rushed her to surgery and were able to repair her extremely damaged bowels. After eight weeks in an incubator, Lillee's only diagnosed medical problem is lactose intolerance.

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