December 16, 2019

Los Angeles Public School Taxes Now Pay Planned Parenthood Too

Public schools in Los Angeles, California will soon be used by Planned Parenthood employees to spread the abortion corporation's ideas to teenagers.

Los Angeles County taxpayers will be footing a $10 million bill when Planned Parenthood sets up “Wellbeing Centers” in public schools. The goal of these centers is to provide sexual education and counseling to teenagers, and further educate some teenagers to become “peer advocates" to promote "safe sex."

President of Students for Life of America Kristan Hawkins criticizes Planned Parenthood's move into high schools and alludes to their ulterior motives:
“Planned Parenthood has been targeting younger and younger girls, through their version of sex education, beginning as early as elementary school, which encourages people to make bad choices. That’s how they make money as they profit from creating crisis through bad choices and then selling abortions to those same students.” 
“We don't let cigarette companies run smoking education. Why would we let an abortion sales team tells students about their choices for life?”
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