December 12, 2019

New Jersey Senate Bill would Give Planned Parenthood 9.5 Million more Taxpayer Dollars

Credit: American Life League / Flickr
The New Jersey Senate budget committee passed a bill on Dec 11 that would allocate $9.5 million to fund Planned Parenthood.

The bill was created as a response to President Donald Trump's Title X rule, which required family planning organizations that received tax dollars to separate their abortion services from their family planning services. If Planned Parenthood wanted to receive federal tax dollars, it would have needed to stop providing abortions in the same locations that it provides other services, stop referring patients to locations where abortions are provided, separate their abortion finances from the rest of their family planning services, and report sexual abuse of minors to police. Rather than accept these terms, Planned Parenthood opted out of Title X funding.

In addition to undermining the president's goals of protecting unborn children and their mothers from taxpayer-funded abortion, the New Jersey bill requires health insurance providers to cover the cost of contraceptives even if they have religious objections.

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