November 15, 2019

Photographer Blacklisted by Catholic Hospital After She Counseled Woman Seeking Abortion

Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash
Jennie Drude, a photographer in the Houston area who specialized in taking pictures of newborns at hospitals, was recently told by St. Luke’s Catholic Hospital that she would not be allowed back because she counseled a woman who was planning on getting an abortion.

“So because I informed this patient of her legal rights in the state of Texas, the hospital said I was unprofessional and I am no longer allowed to work there and earn money,” said Drude.

The woman Drude spoke with was pregnant with a child that had a fatal condition called anencephaly. Drude used her own experience losing a child at birth and handed this woman a pamphlet explaining her legal rights as a patient.

Drude later discovered that nurses from St. Luke's were told that they were not allowed to contact her or respond to her calls for further explanation about their decision.

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