November 20, 2019


Make a Charitable Gift on #GivingTuesday and Help Us End Abortion and Save Lives. Help us to continue our life-saving work by giving the gift of life on December 3, 2019. It’s now easier than ever, just Click Here.

The Illinois Federation for Right to Life... 

 - Sponsors educational seminars and conventions to train volunteers and educate the public on pro-life issues. 

 - Encourages the creation and strengthening of pro-life affiliates throughout Illinois.

 - Serves as a communications center for the exchange of ideas and news of interest to pro-life people in Illinois.

 - Provides knowledgeable individuals to participate in radio and television programs as well as public forums to discuss pro-life issues.

 - Promotes programs and activities which increase respect for the dignity and value of every human life. 

Effective Action is only possible through citizen-involvement! We Need Your Help! Please donate today! Please note, donations made are designated 501(c)(3) and are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

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The IFRL is the largest grassroots pro-life organization in Illinois. A non-profit organization, that serves as the state coordinating body for local pro-life chapters representing thousands of Illinois citizens working to restore respect for all human life in our society. 

Spread news and action alerts that the IFRL publishes, and please support the IFRL with a very critical donation to keep the news and alerts coming, and keep us in Springfield fighting to protect lives.
Without your support lives will be lost. We need resources to educate our legislators. Many times members of the General Assembly do not have the time to read proposed laws before they vote. They do not know how destructive some of these laws can be to the families of Illinois. This is where the IFRL comes in. We alert you, so you can alert your legislators and work with us to hold back the forces that threaten innocent lives. We are in this together and we need your help! We need your prayers, your letters, your calls and your donations - now more than ever! Lives are at stake!  Donations made through the below link are designated 501(c)(3) and are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.