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November 5, 2019

Daleiden Trial: Planned Parenthood Agreed to Sell Aborted Baby Livers for $750 Each

David Daleiden
Credit: American Life League / Flickr
In his final day on the witness stand, undercover journalist David Daleiden said that the Texas Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast abortion clinic agreed to sell him the livers of aborted children for $750 each. He was posing as an employee of a fictitious company called BioMax and convinced clinics to sell to him using a brochure that detailed a “specifically criminal transaction over fetal body parts,” including “a per-volume kickback based on the number of body parts sold.”

Only one abortionist ever questioned the procedure, and her question was only “to make sure that she would still get her per-specimen fee,” according to Daleiden.

The trial is centered around recordings of conversations that David Daleiden and Sandra Merrit had with abortionists about the sale of fetal body parts. The prosecution claims that these conversations were confidential in nature and therefore the recordings were illegal. This is not true if the recordings were done to expose violent crimes, so the defense is trying to prove that abortion clinics altered abortion procedures in ways that could harm women so they could obtain more intact body parts.

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