October 8, 2019

Facebook Rejects Story with Picture of Baby Born without Nose for Being 'shocking'

Screenshot Credit: Live Action News
Live Action News reported that Facebook rejected one of its news stories as a post due to containing an image that “may shock or evoke a negative response from viewers.” The image in question was of a baby boy named Eli Thompson who was born without a nose. The image is not graphic in any way except that it depicts the boy's face, and apparently that is unacceptable for Facebook.

This action is an insult to anyone with disabilities and shows a devaluation of the lives of anyone born with a disability. To say that this baby's face is inappropriate to show on their platform is to say that either the parents should never have chosen to give birth to Eli or those with disabilities or physical deformities shouldn't be seen by the public. Either perspective is not a good sign. Click here to read more.