October 23, 2019

Abortion Legalized in Northern Ireland Without Representation

On October 22, legislation passed by Westminster's government came into effect that legalized both abortion and gay marriage in Northern Ireland. Westminster's legislation required that Northern Ireland's government reconvene by midnight on October 21st, or else it would be subject to Westminster's liberal legislation. That date has come and gone, and a large enough number of legislators refused to reconvene that Westminster's legislation can take effect. Conservative lawmakers attempted to convene and write legislation blocking this action, but they did not have the numbers required to make it official.

Northern Ireland has been a conservative island of sorts in the United Kingdom, and the forced legislation is a major blow to the religious culture and freedoms of those who live there. The law replaces existing pro-life legislation protecting women and children from the dangers of abortion with one of the most extensive abortion laws in existence. Abortion is legalized through 28 weeks of pregnancy. Partial-birth abortion has no consequences. Children who survive abortion can be killed without a second thought. It is far more dangerous to be a preborn child in Northern Ireland today than it was Monday.