October 31, 2019

4 Year Old UK Girl Told ‘You should have been aborted!’

While walking her two children to school, Emma Ross was confronted by a man who noticed her four-year-old's wheelchair. “The man was yelling in her face, saying she shouldn’t have been born, she was a drain on the NHS, a drain on society and that I should have had her aborted if I’d known she was going to be disabled,” Emma said according to the Mirror. Hertfordshire Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Quinn Ross, the four-year-old girl, suffers from Perthes disease, a hip condition which makes walking painful. She can only walk 10-15 steps at a time without the wheelchair, but after the incident, her mother says that Quinn is afraid to leave her home in her wheelchair. In the United Kingdom, disabilities are frowned upon to the point that parents can get the permission of judges to "put down" their children after they are born.

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