September 27, 2019

Former Klopfer Patients Who Regret Abortions Seek to Identify Their Children

Former Klopfer patient Trenevia Ivory attends a press conference
. Screenshot KMOV4 / WSBT.
After 2,246 bodies of aborted children were found in the garage of deceased abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, former patients are reaching out to find if their children are among them. When going over Klopfer's estate, his lawyer found Klopfer's collection of bodies and contacted authorities, who are now conducting an investigation. Right to Life South Bend says that a growing number of women who were patients of Dr. Klopfer have been contacting them wanting to know if their children are among them. They want DNA testing to be performed on the bodies so that they can be identified.

Authorities have determined that the remains are over two decades old, and the investigation is ongoing. Click here to read more.