September 24, 2019

Canadian Catholic Hospital Required to Offer Euthenasia

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital in Antigonish, Nova Scotia will now be required to kill patients who ask to be euthanized. The Nova Scotia Health Authority recently implemented a policy change that seemingly goes against an agreement set between the health authority and the Sisters of St. Martha in 1996. Tim Guest, the authority's vice-president of health services, had this to say:
“This approach respects the 1996 Mission Assurance Agreement with the Sisters of St. Martha that lays out the philosophy, mission and values of St. Martha’s in accordance with its faith-based identity, while also meeting the legislated obligation to ensure that [assisted suicide and euthanasia] is available in the Antigonish area for those who request and meet the criteria to access that service.”
A euthanasia advocacy group called Dying with Dignity Canada said it hopes other provinces will see this and use it as a model for enforcement of euthanasia legislation in their own jurisdictions. Click here for more.