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August 28, 2019

Dutch Euthenasia Doctor Restrains and Kills Resisting Woman

After several years, a Dutch euthanasia doctor has appeared in court for killing a 74-year-old woman in 2016 while she resisted. Four years before her death, the patient wrote that she would rather be euthanized than enter a care home. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. The suicide doctor decided that this woman should be killed one day and slipped a sedative into the woman's drink and prepared to administer the lethal injection. She woke up before the doctor was done, however, and the doctor told family members to restrain the patient against her will while the injection was administered.

Prosecutors are not seeking punishment for the suicide doctor in this case. They are only seeking clarity on what consent means in the Netherlands' euthanasia laws. Click here for more.