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August 29, 2019

China Fighting Repercussions from One-Child Policy

China officially relaxed its infamous one-child policy in 2015. Before that change, families were often forced to abort their preborn children if a woman became pregnant a second time. Human trafficking skyrocketed and many families abandoned their newborn babies, especially girls, to avoid the discipline of the government. The story is now gaining traction once again as the Amazon documentary One Child Nation makes waves in the media, but that is not the only issue caused by China's policy.

Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute, was interviewed about China's population problem on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly. “The state is now pressuring people to have a minimum of two children so you can see the trajectory,” Mosher said. “We’ve gone from forcing people to stop at one child to encouraging them to have two and now saying, ‘you’ve got to have two.’ Party members have been told they must have two, they must lead by example.” There is some fear that China's government may at some point enact a policy that forces pregnancy on women. Click here for more.