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Illinois Federation for Right to Life Statement on the passage of SB25

The passage of SB25 is a wake-up call for all individuals in the State of Illinois who believe in the sanctity life.  This extreme legis...

April 26, 2019

Springfield Right to Life Peaceful Prayer Rally

Springfield Right to Life Peaceful Prayer Rally
On May 1st, Planned Parenthood is hosting a Lobby Day for Reproductive Health Access and in response to this, Springfield Right to Life is hosting a peaceful prayer rally beginning at the Springfield Right to Life Office (519 Bruns Lane) from 11:30am - 1:00pm.

We are not there to protest Planned Parenthood’s right to lobby; we are simply going to pray there on the public property outside Planned Parenthood that these bills do not get passed and that the end of abortion comes soon.

Please come and bring your friends! Let our prayerful presence speak out for life!

Let prayer be our response to these bills that are still circulating in our legislation.

Tim Moore, the Springfield Right to Life President will come and briefly speak about this at 12:15pm.

Let others know you’re coming! Here is a link to our Facebook event Page.