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March 25, 2019

When Planned Parenthood injures a woman, who pays? She does.

When Planned Parenthood injures a woman, who pays? She does.

Recently, a person on Twitter claimed to have received free IUD removal care from Planned Parenthood (PP) for an IUD which had perforated her uterus. Former PP manager Abby Johnson responded by claiming, “Planned Parenthood does not provide uterine surgery. They can not surgically remove [an] IUD.”

However, even if Planned Parenthood assisted in this individual case with free in-house care, it appears that — according to documents obtained by Live Action News — this isn’t standard operating practice when a patient needs emergency medical care which cannot be provided on site, the patient is responsible for paying for it, even if PP caused the injury. This is a concern, given the fact that emergencies at Planned Parenthood facilities have been documented numerous times by pro-life sidewalk counselors who regularly reach out to women outside abortion facilities.

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