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November 6, 2018

Vote. The babies’ lives depend on it!

Tensions are high and emotions stretched thin. The entire country has been waiting for the results of the midterm elections. So very, very much is at stake.

While many people have already voted, most will still vote Tuesday. It is an honor and a privilege as a citizen of this great nation.

Regardless of what the pundits may say we don’t know what those results will be. For those of us working to save unborn children, the outcome of this election season will tell us how much harder or easier that task will become.

Polls show many very close races — from the state legislatures, to contests for governor, to congressional match-ups. Remember how polls in 2016 showed that Hillary Clinton would win. But the country got a huge, and pleasant, surprise when Donald Trump was elected president.

When current polls show a candidate leading by two percent, or show candidates tied, regardless of whether they are precisely accurate, they do tell us as pro-lifers that every ballot counts.

Dozens, probably many dozens of races, are likely that close.

If you have family members or friends who have not voted, encourage them to get out tomorrow. If you know of someone who needs a ride to the voting site, offer to give them a ride. And because there are so many close races around the country, literally every ballot cast is critical.

From the single-issue pro-life perspective, the 2016 election was a great start to getting this country back on the right track after eight years of the most pro-abortion president in our history. Let’s use this year’s election to continue along that path.

Our pro-life President needs a pro-life House and a pro-life Senate to offset determined pro-abortionists who have virtually the entire media and entertainment industry in their pockets.

As if we needed a reminder, more than 2,500 babies will die by abortion today even as the elections are taking place.   

Please remember those babies when you vote.  Click here for Election Information for Illinois.