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November 8, 2018

The 2018 Elections, The Day After

The 2018 Elections, The Day After
Let’s be clear, all pro-lifers wish we had increased the pro-life margin in the United States Senate even more and retained control of the House of Representatives.

But that should not deflect our attention away from the bottom line. In the worst possible situation, pro-lifers came away with at least one if not three more senators willing to unabashedly defend constitutionalists, whether they are nominated for the lower courts or for the Supreme Court. That infusion of backbone will be huge when the next Supreme Court justice retires.

And as long as Democrats in the House are lead by pro-abortion-to-the-hilt Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) or someone just like her, you can know with 100% certainty they will overshoot the mark. They are not only rabidly pro-abortion, the caucus now consists of a preponderance of members who operate miles away from the center of American politics.

There are reasons, not excuses, why we did not do as well as we would have wanted Tuesday... 

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