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October 11, 2018

Illinois: New paradise for abortion industry "because there's no shame ... "

Illinois: New paradise for abortion industry "because there's no shame ... "
For decades, Illinois' longtime Democrat-controlled legislature has maintained and nurtured a legal environment welcoming to the abortion industry. In light of the Kavanaugh confirmation to the US Supreme Court this week, abortion providers are seeking locations where their businesses can thrive. Planned Parenthood has plans to add five new clinics to its 17 already in Illinois.

In contrast to neighboring states, the only restriction on abortions in Illinois is that minor girls must either obtain a parent's permission or a judge's bypass before undergoing the procedure. With the help of liberal Republican Governor Bruce Rauner signing into law a measure that forces state taxpayers to pay for low income women and state employees' abortions, Illinois is sure to see a sizable uptick in abortion clinics. Illinois and its legislature's favor bestowed on the abortion industry is making the state the place to set up shop or expand the clinics already there - an abortion industry paradise.

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