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August 21, 2018

Helene Miller-Walsh appointed to represent House District 51

Helene Miller-Walsh appointed to represent House District 51

Sunday, Lake County GOP chairman Mark Shaw listed an array of reasons why Lake County resident Helene Miller-Walsh was the "clear pick" as to who he thought should fill the vacancy former State Rep. Nick Sauer left when he resigned earlier this month. Walsh was sworn into office Saturday afternoon.

"We needed a person that would be ready to be an actual state representative first, and then a candidate," Shaw, who also serves as the IL GOP's new state co-chairman and member of the party's State Central Committee, told Illinois Review. "Second, we needed a person that could jump into a campaign while serving as state representative. We're confident Helene will be able to do both."

"Helene holds conservative views and I'm certain she will vote in agreement with the Illinois Republican Party platform," Shaw said.

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