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August 6, 2018

Abortion culture: Pregnant employees are still punished for choosing life

Abortion culture: Pregnant employees are still punished for choosing life

The pressure to abort is often hard enough in a society dominated by selfish ambition and “choice.” Threatening women with their livelihoods for a natural life occurrence is a morally reprehensible act — as well as an illegal one. A recent article in the New York Times further exposed the problem of workplace pregnancy discrimination, so much so that it prompted an investigation by the state of New York into the allegations presented. The piece detailed disturbing stories of pregnant women who chose to welcome motherhood — and suffered at the hands of others as a result.

Some of these company leaders seem to forget that if their own mothers had not chosen to birth them, they might not be in their jobs either. Women are penalized for being pregnant, while men are rewarded, as the Times story cites. Is this the kind of “equality” women deserve? No… it isn’t equality at all. No woman should feel pressured to abort to compete in a so-called “man’s world.” And yet, abortion’s easy availability has contributed to the insidious idea that if a woman chooses to be a mother, she should either abort or face other consequences — consequences men don’t have to face. It’s clear that abortion has done absolutely nothing to change the sad fact of workplace discrimination against women.

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