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February 8, 2018

Last of the Pro-Life Democrats Under Fire

Last of the Pro-Life Democrats Under Fire
And then there were three. That is how many pro-life Democrats remain in the House of Representatives. And the abortion industry is looking to reduce that number by a third in March, by funding a primary challenge to Chicago Congressman Dan Lipinski. If successful, this campaign will likely push Democrats to fight harder for public funding and against any conscience protections. If it fails, it likely won’t signal a sea change in abortion politics—but it might loosen the pro-choice stranglehold on the Democratic National Committee just a bit, giving politicians like Lipinski a chance to speak out for the smallest among us, in what was once the party of the little guy.

Last year, the House voted to make the Hyde Amendment principles more permanent, by means of the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act. Only three Democrats voted for the act: Lipinski; Collin Peterson, long representing a Republican-leaning rural district in Minnesota; and Henry Cuellar, who represents a mostly Hispanic district along the Rio Grande in Texas. More recently, when the question was whether abortions after twenty weeks of pregnancy should be banned, it was again only these three among the Democrats who stood for the unborn. Neither bill has been passed by the Senate.

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