January 9, 2018

Abortion could be key issue in IL 3rd CD Democrat primary

Congressman Dan Lipinski
Abortion could be a key issue in Illinois' upcoming 3rd Congressional District Democrat primary.

Democrat Congressman Dan Lipinski (pictured), who succeeded his father Bill Lipinski in representing Illinois' 3rd Congressional District, is vulnerable, a poll released by his primary challenger Marie Newman indicates.

When voters are made aware of Lipinski's conservative leaning on social issues as compared to the relatively unknown Newman's, the race tightens to favor Newman by five points.

"The best negatives on Lipinski include his anti-choice, anti-LGBT rights and anti-immigration record," the poll analysis says. "These negatives did not include strongly worded rhetoric, but rather simple statements of fact regarding his record on these issues or quotes from him."

Lipinski, whose views in contrast with the vast majority of his party, has been publicly honored by Chicago area pro-lifers over the years.

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