December 13, 2017

City Sides with Abortion Industry in Free Speech Crackdown

Hartford Women’s Center is the latest target in an onslaught of pro-abortion attempts to limit pro-life free speech.
In a decision handed down Monday night, the city council for Hartford, Conn., authorized a new regulation that will force the city’s only pro-life pregnancy center to post signage meant to turn women away from its life-saving services.

Threatening Hartford Women’s Center with a $100 fine per day for noncompliance, the ordinance would require the center to identify itself as a non-medical facility despite the fact that its team includes licensed medical professionals working under the supervision of a physician.

By the time the ordinance is set to go into effect, July 1, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on a similar case in 2018, which will likely affect whether or not the regulation in Hartford stands or falls.

Other, more onerous laws forcing pregnancy centers to speak a government message have come under scrutiny in Illinois, California and Hawaii, with a judge permanently stopping Illinois’ law and the U.S. Supreme Court taking up pro-lifers’ challenge to California’s law earlier in November.

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