Equal Rights Amendment

Equal Rights Amendment Update
We are happy to report that the ERA was not called for a vote this week. Thank you for all your hard work to contact your legislators and reach out to others to engage their help on this important issue. Your efforts combined with divine intervention kept the ERA from moving forward. Your voices were truly heard in Springfield this week!

The resolution to ratify the ERA still remains on the table and can still be voted on, but the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House will not meet again until mid January 2018. Click here for more

September 7, 2017

VIDEO: Every baby is a little miracle…

From having written about many of Pampers’ commercials in the past, they are often awesome. They affirm not only the importance of babies, they also remind parents that “Every baby is a little miracle to celebrate, support and protect.”

And since they often begin with sonograms, pro-lifers see this sentiment as apropos not just for babies once they are born, but from the beginning of the baby’s developmental journey.

If you watch “For every little miracle,” I promise you will (as did I) forward the link to many of your family and friends.

The overarching point they make is…it doesn’t matter. Whatever the circumstances, babies are a gift, a treasure, to honor and protect and (my words here) to marvel at.

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