August 14, 2017

China continues coercive family-planning measures, despite end of ‘one-child’ policy

Although the Chinese government has formally discontinued its brutal one-child policy, forced abortions continue, the Population Research Institute (PRI) has found.

A PRI investigation discovered that coercive family-planning measures remain in place, with government officials becoming even draconian in some parts of the country. “We have found evidence that China’s two-child policy in some parts of the country is being even more rigorously enforced than the one-child policy,” said PRI President Steven W. Mosher.

Couples are required to obtain permits from the government before having a 2nd child. Regulations in some jurisdictions require women to wait a specified number of years after childbirth before becoming pregnant with a 2nd child. “If they catch you pregnant with an illegal child, they take everything you have,” reported one woman who went into hiding because of an “illegal” pregnancy.

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