August 11, 2017

Under pressure, British NHS finally agrees to pay for surgery for toddler with exceedingly rare heart condition

Olivier Cameron will go to Boston’s Children’s Hospital

Oliver Cameron
In an unanticipated turn of events, last night the British National Health Service (NHS) finally agreed to pay for seven-month-old Oliver Cameron to go to Boston’s Children’s Hospital for surgery to address his extremely rare heart tumor. The son of Tim and Lydia Cameron will be moved after his first birthday (to give him the best chances post-surgery) or earlier if his condition worsens.

“An NHS spokesperson denied there had been a U-turn in Oliver’s case,” The Mirror reported. Really?

The NHS’s willingness to pay the estimated $194,000 comes less than two weeks after Great Ormond Street Hospital denied the parents of Charlie Gard the opportunity to take Charlie to New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center for experimental therapy. Charlie died July 28 when his ventilator was disconnected.

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