July 5, 2017

Pro-lifer's attempt to disqualify judge falls short

Daleiden's legal team sought to have Federal Judge William Orrick removed from his trial because of his association with an organization that hosted a Planned Parenthood clinic on site, and because of unfavorable social media comments by his wife. Judge James Donato conducted a hearing on the case and has ruled Orrick will not be removed, saying that Daleiden's group – The Center for Medical Progress – presented no evidence that would call Orrick's impartiality into question.

Alexandra Snyder of Life Legal Defense Foundation is defending Daleiden.

"The hearing itself was rather troubling [because] it is difficult, especially in federal court, to have one federal judge rule that another should be disqualified," she tells OneNewsNow. "That is a difficult thing, but we were disappointed in the outcome."

Orrick also accused Daleiden of contempt of court for releasing an undercover video recording. No date has yet been set for that hearing.

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