July 31, 2017

Little Charlie Gard has died

Charlie Gard - A life that could have, and should have been saved.
Charlie Gard died July 28th.

“’Our beautiful little boy has gone, we are so proud of you Charlie,” said his mom, Connie Yates, who with Chris Gard fought an unresponsive judiciary and determined hospital which steadfastly refused their plea to permit them to take their own son to the United States for experimental therapy.

We know Charlie was taken to an undisclosed hospice, presumably in London. In his ruling Justice Nicholas Francis made it clear Thursday that Charlie’s ventilator would be quickly disconnected and that Charlie would “inevitably” die soon.

“Charlie’s Army” consisted of many more than those who contributed nearly $2 million online to defray expenses. The support voiced by Pope Francis and President Trump helped galvanize world-wide concern about a case which, at its most fundamental, turned on the question who decides what is in a child’s “best interests,” a hospital, a judge, or a child’s parents?

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