July 19, 2017

An Update on Charlie Gard: brain scan and EEG taken, more tests to follow

Charlie Gard with Family
Lots to report about little Charlie Gard whose parents are fighting a famous London-based hospital which insists that Charlie’s ventilator be removed and the nearly one-year-old be “allowed to die with dignity.”

#1. On Sunday the first scans of Charlie’s brain were taken since March 30. As we’ve reported on a daily basis, Dr. Michio Hirano, a world renowned expert in Charlie’s rare form of mitochondrial depletion syndrome, went directly the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) on Monday where he examined the scans and other relevant test results. He’d come over from the United States to examine Charlie and consult with an outside expert from the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, and with staff at GOSH. The meeting included what was described as an “independent chair.”

Connie Yates, Charlie’s mother, was allowed to attend the five-hour meeting that ended at 1pm, London time. Here is her summary:

‘As stated in court, we asked our experts what they required, and Dr Hirano requested that Charlie have a new MRI and also a 30 minute EEG [electroencephalogram]. Gosh preferred a longer EEG which the judge ordered. Our son has now undergone the scans. We have facilitated the experts in every possible way. Charlie will be having some more tests shortly.’

The scan reportedly left Connie and Chris Gard feeling “optimistic.”

#2. Dr. Hirano and the physician from the “Pope’s hospital” (Bambino Gesu Hospital) met today with GOSH staff. A transcript from their meeting will be given to the presiding judge, Justice Nicholas Francis.

#3. Justice Francis will hold further hearings later this month following this week’s “specialist gathering,” around July 24-25. He will rule on the parents’ request that they be allowed to take Charlie out of GOSH and fly him to the United States to the Columbia University Medical Center where he would be treated with nucleoside therapy, which Dr. Hirano pioneered. The Bambino Gesu Hospital has also volunteered to treat Charlie.

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