June 13, 2017

Latest Gallup numbers very encouraging for pro-lifers

An analysis of the 1,011 adults queried by Gallup to various dimensions of abortion issue appeared June 9. What does the latest survey tell us? Let’s start at the end with what the author Lydia Saad calls the “Bottom Line” and work backwards:

There is no consensus among the American public for making abortion completely legal or illegal. Rather, the largest segment falls in the middle, saying it should be legal but with restrictions. Nearly half of U.S. adults also consider abortion morally wrong.

This helps explain how the states have been able to pass a vast array of laws limiting when, where and how abortions can be performed. It also sheds light on how citizens can shift from electing a staunchly pro-choice president in Barack Obama to electing an avowed pro-life one in Donald Trump. For most Americans, the issue involves shades of gray, not black and white.

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