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June 21, 2017

Ashton Kutcher’s Show Stars Character Who Rejects Abortion: ‘I Can’t Do This’

Ashton Kutcher on The Ranch
In a media world that guarantees applause (and headlines) for abortion plotlines, Ashton Kutcher’s Netflix sitcom is revolutionary.

On June 16, Part 3 of The Ranch premiered on Netflix. Besides serving as executive producer, Ashton Kutcher starred in the show as Colt Bennett, a football player-turned-rancher. Colt is a character who strives to do the right thing, including, most recently, trying to talk his ex-girlfriend out of an abortion.

In a recent interview with Parade, the 39-year-old actor first hinted that his sitcom would confront controversial social issues like abortion.

“None of these issues are cut-and-dried and simple,” he told contributor Amy Spencer. “If it were easy, people would just fix it! What this show gets to do is unpack these issues in a different way—and empower people to laugh while exploring them.”

Kutcher didn’t disappoint. The topic of abortion proved a major plotline, beginning with the very first episode, when Colt finds out his ex-girlfriend Heather is pregnant with their baby.

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