May 1, 2017

New website advises U.S. women how to self-abort

Women Help Women
Dangerous chemical abortions are legal, loosely restricted, and widely available at abortion clinics all over the United States. However, that isn’t good enough for some of the world’s most ardent abortion advocates. They want them available in every town, from any sort of vaguely medical establishment, via doctors they only meet on a web-cam, available over the counter at any local pharmacy, and even available for order online or in the mail.

Every one of these methods is already in use, being tested, or being promoted.

The latest twist that has the media all aflutter is a new website by those who brought us the “abortion ship,” country specific ‘abortion-hotlines,” and the online abortion pill selling “I need an abortion” website.

This one, however, is specifically geared towards American women, who, the sponsors say, are finding their “access” to abortion threatened by state abortion limits and a hostile new administration.

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