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Equal Rights Amendment Update
We are happy to report that the ERA was not called for a vote this week. Thank you for all your hard work to contact your legislators and reach out to others to engage their help on this important issue. Your efforts combined with divine intervention kept the ERA from moving forward. Your voices were truly heard in Springfield this week!

The resolution to ratify the ERA still remains on the table and can still be voted on, but the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House will not meet again until mid January 2018. Click here for more

October 24, 2016

Trump hit a very sensitive nerve when accurately describing Clinton’s abortion extremism

Pro-Life Donald Trump and Pro-Abort Hillary Clinton during the 3rd presidential debate.
In talking straightforwardly about Clinton’s extremist times two position on abortion, Donald Trump had struck a very sensitive nerve.

The story line is that Trump implied there is a torrent of late-term abortions–and by “late,” critics mean the last week.

He said nothing of the sort. Trump talked about what Hillary Clinton has said–and how she had voted as a United Senator. There weren’t hypotheticals, these were indisputable facts and logical conclusions Trump rightly drew from Clinton’s behavior.

For example, questioned by Fox News moderator Chris Wallace, Clinton didn’t deny she’d voted [multiple times, in fact] against a ban on partial-birth abortions. Instead, as pro-abortionists always do, she skipped acknowledging that and immediately went to the most extreme cases, even though–as NRLC pointed years ago– Ron Fitzsimmons, the executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, told the New York Times in 1997: “In the vast majority of cases, the procedure is performed on a healthy mother with a healthy fetus that is 20 weeks or more along.”

How about her backup escape clause–the need for a “health exception”? Even abortion advocates, when pressed, on occasion will grudgingly acknowledge that this “exception” is infinitely elastic: there is no abortion for which an “exception” cannot be found.

What about Trump’s comment after Clinton responded, which pro-abortion critics jumped on?

Well I think it is terrible. If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month you can take [the] baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby. Now, you can say that that is okay and Hillary can say that that is okay, but it’s not okay with me. Because based on what she is saying and based on where she’s going and where she’s been, you can take [the] baby and rip the baby out of the womb. In the ninth month. On the final day. And that’s not acceptable.

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