October 3, 2016

Trump adds 32 heavyweights to Pro-Life Coalition

Trump’s latest move appealing to evangelical Christians serves as his fifth gold star to back his campaign pledge to be a champion of life. The newly proclaimed born-again believer’s pro-life arsenal includes:

1. Announcement that Susan B Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser is chairing his Pro-Life Coalition, which was followed up two weeks later by adding 32 pro-life hard-hitters to his campaign’s brain trust on the sanctity of human life.

2. Letter of commitment promising to only nominate pro-life justices to the United States Supreme Court

3. Pledge to sign the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act into law – putting an end to painful and tragic late-term abortions from coast to coast

4. Vow to defund Planned Parenthood while it continues to offer abortions as part of its so-called “women’s reproductive health” program … the defunding plan reallocates the abortion giant’s funding to community health centers nationwide that provide women with comprehensive health care

5. Promise to make permanent law out of the Hyde Amendment – a longstanding bipartisan policy Clinton vowed to rescind, which currently protects the conscience rights of taxpayers by stopping the federal funding of elective abortions

It should be noted that the Democratic Party unleashed its platform this summer declaring its intentions to fully repeal the Hyde Amendment – a party first.

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