October 4, 2016

Abortion likely to come up in VP debate between pro-life Pence and pro-abortion Kaine

Pro-life Mike Pence versus Pro-abortion Tim Kaine
Pro-life Mike Pence versus Pro-abortion Tim Kaine
With all the fireworks associated with the first Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton debate (and with two more in the offing), perhaps this vice presidential face off will draw less attention than usual.

Or it may do just the opposite–attract many more voters than the usual 20% fewer than the presidential debate, given what a unique campaign this has become, and promises to remain.

In either case, pro-lifers should watch the debate...

“Gov. Pence is devoted to protecting the unborn and their mothers,” said Indiana Right to Life President and CEO, Mike Fichter. “Gov. Pence’s pro-life stance is more than a talking point; Gov. Pence has put his pro-life position into action time and time again. Indiana is a better state for the unborn and their mothers because of the Governor’s pro-life leadership.”

Kaine is your classic “personally opposed” Democrat whose one quibble with abortion on demand–he formerly supported the Hyde Amendment–quickly vanished after Clinton chose him to be her running mate. With Virginia up for grabs, the theory was and is that Kaine could help carry a swing state with 13 electoral votes.

Abortion did not come up in the first presidential debate. It most certainly will Tuesday night.

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