August 23, 2016

Missy’s Minute Maid commercial that made the whole world cry

Missy Franklin with her parents
Missy Franklin with her parents
One of Minute Maid’s #doingood commercials had me in complete tears as I was watching the Olympics last week and the amazing Missy Franklin was the reason. I recorded it and kept rewinding and crying as if I was watching her medal.

I only saw the briefest cut of the commercial and not the full cut that was shown at other times. In the commercial spot, Missy Franklin is filmed giving a normal press conference in Denver, Colorado leading up to Rio. She surprised her parents by honoring them in front of the press with a hand written letter explaining how much they mean to the Olympic swimmer.

There are articles being written of Olympian Missy Franklin going home without an individual medal and the disappointment she must feel. But I know one of her greatest accomplishments was never a medal. It was making a simple commercial that went into millions of homes explaining the beauty of life in the womb at unexpected times and how those surprises are really adventures to be had. She showed the world the gratitude of one unexpected child and the love her parents showed in return as they kept wiping their eyes. Had her parents not received their surprise, we would never know this world champion swimmer the way we do.

At the end of the commercial, her dad says to her as they finish a hug, “You’re full of surprises.” Missy laughs through tears and you can hear the whole world sigh. Life is so beautiful, especially the unexpected surprises that come with it.

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