February 2, 2016

Pro-lifers Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Sen. Marco Rubio finish 1-2-3 in Iowa

Pro-abortionists Clinton and Sanders end in dead-heat

It was worth every minute of a long, long day and night. As you all know by now, the turnout for the Iowa caucuses last night was extremely high (171,000+) with the requisite surprises (there are always surprises in the first in the nation caucus).

Pro-lifers ran the table on the Republican side, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz defeating billionaire businessman Donald Trump 28% to 24%. The big surprise on the GOP side is that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s gamble paid off. His campaign said he had intended to leave early to gear up in New Hampshire, saw a surge coming, and stayed in Iowa. His reward was to finish a strong third with 23%.

On the Democratic side, pro-abortion Hillary Clinton cautiously sort of declared victory last night; as of this morning she is ahead of pro-abortion Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders by a hair–3/10ths of one percent. Clinton–at one time ahead by 30 points over Sanders in opinion polls–probably put it best when she said she was “breathing a big sigh of relief.”

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