December 15, 2015

International Human Rights Day – End Forced Sterilization and Gendercide in China

Reggie Littlejohn is the President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers. She testified last week before the Congressional Executive Commission on China on “China’s New ‘Two Child Policy’ & the Continuation of Massive Crimes Against Women and Children.” The following is an excerpt from her December 3 testimony.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers runs a campaign to end the sex-selective abortion of baby girls in China called “Save a Girl.”. Our network of fieldworkers on the ground has saved almost 200 baby girls in one area of rural China. Through this network, WRWF gets direct, up to the minute information about coercive population control in our area of China.

I communicated with the head of our network over the weekend [before the hearing]. Here is what she said about the current condition in our villages after the announcement of the “Two-Child Policy”:

The women in our villages do not see the new Two-Child Policy as a big improvement, because of the threat of sterilization. It is a policy that women must be sterilized after the second child – especially if both children are girls. Women who have a boy as their first child are not likely to have a second child, because after the second child, they would be forcibly sterilized. These sterilizations ruin not only a woman’s reproductive health, but her general health as well. After these sterilizations, the vast majority of women are “never the same again.” They will never recover their strength. For example, in our villages there is no running water. Women need to pump water out of a deep well. Before they are sterilized, women are strong enough to pump water. After they are sterilized, they are no longer strong enough to pump water. This weakness lasts forever and is devastating, because the family depends on the strength of the mother to do farm work...

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