November 23, 2015

Rep Chris Smith on the undercover PPFA videos: “We must not remain silent and look the other way.”

In his opinion piece, Rep. Smith reminds readers

The House has voted to form a select investigative panel to learn more about the brutal practices at Planned Parenthood that were exposed in undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

Establishing this select panel is the right thing to do. We simply can’t remain silent or look the other way.

His point is simple but profound. We need this select investigative panel to answer many of the deeply disturbing issues raised by the videos and unanswered to date.

Rep. Smith insists

We must not remain silent and look the other way. The dehumanizing practices revealed in these undercover videos must be investigated.

I suspect that if President Obama watched at least one of the videos, he would join us in demanding real answers and an immediate end to Planned Parenthood’s inhumane behavior.

Or at least I hope he would.

Click here for the origination article from National Right to Life.