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August 24, 2015

Starkehaus: Will Bruce Rauner’s support for Planned Parenthood remain “unequivocal”

...we have a game changer now – and "game" is the accurate description of what the political dialog of abortion has become. The whistleblower videos that Holly O'Donnell and the Center for Medical Progress have produced regarding Planned Parenthood's designer abortions – tailored with the harvesting human fetal tissue in mind – mean that social conservatives can no longer delude themselves by thinking that Planned Parenthood is in the business of "mostly mammograms with an occasional abortion thrown in for emergency purposes only."

Representatives like Bruce Rauner would perhaps like to gloss over the need for a thorough examination of Planned Parenthood's profit motive for expedience's sake. Maybe they will suggest that it's a poor use of the state's limited resources. And, after all, we wouldn't want to be seen as infringing upon Planned Parenthood's mythological mammogram programs, would we? Think of the optics in the upcoming election cycle if feminists start launching on so-called misogynist Republicans again.

So social conservatives have been alerted to the atrocities and are left wondering, what will Bruce Rauner do now that the actions of Planned Parenthood's employees have been revealed on video for all the world to see?

Click here for the originating article from Illinois Review.