July 21, 2015

Abortionists deny risks for premature births

In June, Dr. David Grimes wrote a piece for the Huffington Post in which he states the idea that abortion impacts future pregnancies is a pipe dream of "naïve" pro-lifers. On the other hand, Bradley Mattes of Life Issues Institute says evidence shows that abortion does impact later pregnancies.

“Largely, it's because when they go in and artificially dilate the cervix [during an abortion] they have to stretch it to get their tools in and the baby out,” he explains. “The procedure damages or tears that tissue, which then affects future pregnancies. The further into pregnancy [a woman is], the more they have to artificially and quickly dilate the cervix.”  Often, he says, the cervix then becomes weak or unable to sustain a full-term pregnancy, so subsequent babies are born prematurely. “The scarring that sometimes occurs on the lining of the womb is damaged, which can also cause problems leading to preterm birth,” he adds.

More than 120 studies prove premature births can occur in future pregnancies after an induced abortion - so the question is why David Grimes and others in the pro-abortion camp deny it.

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