September 12, 2014

Pro-lifer warns about Planned Parenthood-trained 'navigators'

Some people signing up for ObamaCare may find they are exposing very private information without knowing it.

Planned Parenthood has received over a half-million dollars to hire and train so-called "navigators" to sign up people for medical insurance. But it's allegedly a backdoor approach for the abortion business to generate more income.

"These people are going to steer the general public to insurance companies that will reimburse Planned Parenthood for their medical services," says Jim Sedlak of the American Life League.

"They will sign them up for these insurance companies, then these people will come back to Planned Parenthood for their services and Planned Parenthood will get paid," he explains.

Sedlak also alleges the navigators receive very little training or screening, and their job gives them access to the "personal information for all citizens of the United States, because they're going to be able to access through systems that tie into the IRS and to the medical system and everything else."

So the pro-lifer calls the navigators' jobs "Planned Parenthood's gold mine."

Since President Obama has Planned Parenthood to thank for his successful re-election, Sedlak considers the added half-million dollar grant a "political payoff."

Charlie Butts (