November 7, 2022

Hemorrhaging Patient Hospitalized by Downers Grove Abortion Clinic

Pro-life onlookers witnessed an ambulance arriving at the parking lot of the Access Health Center abortion business in Downer's Grove, IL at around noon on October 21.

According to emergency records released after the incident, a nurse called 911 to request an ambulance for a patient experiencing "heavy bleeding" during an abortion. The bleeding was severe enough that the on-site abortionist did not complete the abortion.

The 911 dispatch report states that the 31-year-old patient was hospitalized for hemorrhaging and lacerations.

Operation Rescue shared information about the incident after receiving reports from pro-life witnesses. You can listen to a recording of the 911 call here. When an ambulance arrived to transfer the patient, a pro-life witness attempted to record video footage to document the incident. A security guard from Access Health Center tried to block the view of the witness's camera. He told her that she was "trespassing" by sitting in her car on the street.

The status of the patient and her unborn child are not public knowledge.

“We hope and pray that this young woman and her child survived this horrific attempted abortion at this so-called health center,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, “We continue to pray for widespread repentance across our nation as we expose the growing number of life-threatening emergencies at these dangerous, blood-hungry abortion businesses in Illinois and other states where the murder of innocent babies remains legal.”